vlad the impaler

our house likes to do this thing where it lets mice in…

the kitten likes to do this thing where he catches them, tortures them, guts them, and then spoons them. because you know, it’s super normal to cuddle up to whatever you’ve just dismembered. NO BIGGY. i really love scooping up baby mouse guts in the dining room, little man. THANKS.

i swear he’s half dog, half human. there is no CAT in him. when he crawls into bed with the boyfriend and i, he spoons one of us- wrapping his arms around our body, and falling asleep. who needs kids when i’ve got this little guy?

and anytime we have guests over, he’s the life of the party. he’s so curious. he loves to dance in hayter’s arms, and sit on the counter and watch us cook.