home sweet home

i spent the weekend in toronto with laura to find her wedding dress (a perfect vintage raw silk strapless gown!). it was AWESOME. it felt nice to just get away and spend some time with her, joey, and meaghan.

staying in a hotel room
good car music to sing along/dance to
lots of gin!
surviving on red bull
new clothes
dancing at 751
seeing daisy
manicures & pedicures
awesome greasy spoon breakfast
cute coffee shops
seeing laura SO happy
so many good jokes!
laura convincing me to try on wedding dresses
so many pictures!

no sleep. ever.
poor hotel service
no blankets
blisters, blisters, BLISTERS!
junk food
fishy water
bad air
people in toronto = batshit crazy

man, although i had a really fun time, we realized pretty quick how lucky and spoiled we are in our little city. we don’t have many options in terms of restaurants, stores, etc… but the ones we do have are great, good quality, CLEAN places with excellent service.

it’s nice to be home… i missed the men of the house.