the weekend


a couple of us went over to adam’s for a couple of beers and deck hangs. mike, biz, and i went back to my house and turned the living room into a big bed. we made poutine from scratch, and then made double chocolate fudge brownie cookie sundaes, and watched hook in the living room bed. it was GLORIOUS.

mike & biz waiting for food

zombie moose

diabetes in a bowl

on saturday dan came back from playing a show in toronto, so he came over to nap, drink milkshakes, and watch TV before work.

dan & moose watching the jersey shore marathon

saturday night was sarah-kate’s birthday, so a few ladies and i went for a fancy dinner and (too many) girly drinks.

i wore the shortest dress in the history of short dresses

moose hungout on the knight table with us until we left

i ordered a delicious salad & a zombie

after dinner we found a secluded courtyard and drank some purse-beers.

zoe & i

my parents recently moved out of the city and into a suburb into a SUPER cute house. they’ve only been living there a week and it already looks perfect. during the house tour i noticed two things…

first- the picture of me (my header) my pops printed & framed

and the skateboard i made him years ago (with lyrics on the back)

did i mention i’m a daddy’s girl?

that afternoon the ladies of the family drove to cornwall for my sister-in-law-to-be’s bridal shower. you wanna know what i did for three hours? CRIED. 30 hormonal women should not be eating cheese & fruit in a living room while a bride-to-be opens sentimental gifts. josée’s cousin recently had a baby girl (her third! she’s not even thirty. and she’s a total hottie), and i snapped this candid picture of jo with her baby cousin:

watching my brother’s bride-to-be so naturally cradling that baby was my favourite moment of the day.

i cried.


anyway, after the shower we went back to my parents’ new house and the five of us had family dinner, and watched america’s funniest home videos. i love it when the five of us spend our sunday evenings together, and this time felt better than any other. my parents worked so hard to get this new house, and i’m so proud of them. all of us laughed, and talked, and cuddled while watching tv and that’s exactly how i like to spend my family time.

cory & i got my pops a 60oz of mount gay rum (his favourite!)

after family time i got to go home to this perfect little creature