(a quick look into) jo’s bachelorette party

i want to make an entire post on my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party (complete with pictures), and i plan on getting into that this week… but in the meantime, here’s a quick look into the shenanigans that took place this weekend:

i pinned a penis veil into jo’s hair

we ate penis shaped cake

we played penis related games

we got bottle service at a swanky club

we drank out of penis shaped straws

we all wore ridiculously short dresses

i stole a 40 of vodka from the bar

there was a female pile-up the following morning

we all woke up with mysterious cuts, bruises, and scratches

so there you have it!

details to come 😉


my weekend, according to my blackberry

what a whirlwind!

biz, khala, dan and i decided to take a last minute trip to montreal on friday after work to see the no bunny show and hang out with some friends. we ran into a bunch of ottawa friends, i got to see some of my favourite people, and i REALLY enjoyed the no bunny set.

on saturday morning we drove home early, got mc donald’s breakfast, and i spent the day napping. that night the montrealers came over to my house to play drinking-cranium, have a dance party, and get totally silly. on sunday morning howie and i made a huge breakfast feast for all of us

when the montrealers left biz, andrew, zoe and i turned my living room into a giant bed, ate snacks, napped all day/night, and watched movies. it was GLORIOUS.

upside down snuggie

biz & i cuddling

moose and i cuddling

moose and zoe cuddling

…and not a creature was stirring, not even a zombie-demon-cat

topless trips, montreal madness, and bad-ass babes

i’ve been feeling a little down and out lately. i’m really trying to stay positive but i feel like i’m falling into a bit of a rut again. on friday i went to adam’s show around midnight and m walked into the bar. i panicked briefly, had trouble breathing for a few minutes, and then immediately snapped out of it. he’s leaving the city shortly and i’m a grown woman. i need to know how to deal with these situations with grace. i could feel his eyes on me; i glanced over and he looked like he was going to cry- i immediately looked away and kept busy. he disappeared from the bar shortly after and i hadn’t seen him again for the night.

it was tania’s birthday on saturday so i decided to take a last minute trip to montreal with biz and zoe. the party was a blast- it was quite small but it was full of pop-punk sing-alongs and dancing. tania happens to live above sergio’s house (who i finally spoke of last week), but the house is undergoing some renovations so he was spending the night at his girlfriend’s mother’s house across the city. i think it’s best i didn’t see him anyway- i was feeling rowdy and alive. some of his bandmates did come though, so it was great to see them. we finally went to sleep when the sun came up- i went downstairs, and slept in the house i hadn’t been in since i’d spent the night with sergio- giggling under covers in his yellow bedroom. this time was different- a friend and i slept on blankets and a small mattress behind a couch. i woke up to kisses and bite marks on my neck.

this is definitely the mini-trip i needed- granted i didn’t sleep and i’m exhausted, i absolutely LOVE visiting my friends in montreal. i do have great pictures from the party, that i’ll likely get around to posting after work- but in the meantime i do have some blackberry pictures from the drive there and back. there’s nothing i love more than fast cars, bad music, and good friends on a mini road trip!

pre-montreal samosa and a polkadot dress!

nothing like topless road trips!

i was wrecked on the way back- we made about 5 stops for liquids and greasy food.

gatorade tongue!

$1 litre o’ cola

la belle province poutine with extra cheese!

i don’t have pictures, but we TOTALLY also stopped for milkshakes. who let’s us drive anywhere? it normally takes us two hours to get home- but we left at 4 and i didn’t get back home until roughly 8. why rush home when there’s wu tang to rap to, and bad food to stop for?

bizkoti and i got silly up front

while zoe died in the back

it was awesome seeing everyone, and i love taking mini trips with biz. we’re hopping to drive down to new york for a few days this summer. she’s one of the only people i can travel with without either panicking or totally losing my shit. everyone is so damn uptight about everything all the time! anyway, i got home and promptly removed my pants, heated up some leftover poutine, watched a chick-flick, and did this:

soooo much of it.

oh, hey! i lived! …also, an award

the fabulous cottage getaway wasn’t nearly the relaxing, happy weekend i was hoping it would be- but some good times were had despite everything. the highlights were definitely the drinking games, the girliness, and the sunshine. also, my 3 hour nap, keanu reeves jokes, and cheap beer. i don’t normally hangout with chainsmokers and that DEFINITELY put a damper on the weekend- i have a huge cough, my lungs hurt, and i can’t swallow. GREAT! yeah, yeah i’m whiny… i don’t give a care. now i have to nurse this awful pain all week.

i hate everything!

anyway, this was the view i had saturday morning when i was drinking my bailey’s coffee on the deck:

this was saturday’s amazing dinner! that garlic bread was to die for…

gold bikinis & sunshine

amanda and i ❤

luc babysat moose all weekend and sent me this adorable picture to assure me that all was well at my homeland and the boy was being wonderful as always

in other awesome news, jess over at the bottle chronicles gave me an award!

here are this award’s rules:

• thank the person who gave you this award.
• share 7 things about yourself.
• pass this award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and who you think are fantastic!

thanks for the honour, sugar! jess has a gorgeous baby boy, a super fun blog, and an intense love for milkshakes! 😉 head on over to check her out and share the love.

seven things about me:
1. i have a phobia of cucumbers
2. my favourite colour is gold
3. i love sleeping alone
4. i can’t peel oranges
5. i’m allergic to cats
6. i love to cook, clean, and do laundry
7. (i hate to admit that) i’m an elitest when it comes to the tattoo industry

fifteen bloggers i’m addicted to:
brittany @ barefoot foodie
erika @ be gay about it
bhj @ the bhj.com
emma @ divorced before 30
emily @ emily jane
emily @ emmie bee.com
beckey @ hippo brigade
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nick @ macheesmo
coco @ mommyhood & life
nic @ my bottles up
emily @ poppy milk face
sarah @ silly grrl
carrie @ the sweetest
jen @ the trephine

thanks again, jess!


– e

the weekend!

this weekend, i went to montreal with bizKoti, khala, zoe, B., and tristan…

friday night we hung around with khala while she got tattooed- we got to play with two cute dogs, and drink wine. there was a bit of a plan mix up which left B., tristan and i stuck in the cold for an hour or two… so we stood on the side walk, listened to limp bizkit (ha! i’m twelve!), and drank beer. the beautiful thing about montreal is being able to get absolutely shitfaced on a sidewalk. eventually bizKoti and hans showed up and we headed back to hans’ to drink more and go to blackjack’s. we made it by 3am at last call and bought 3 pitchers before heading back home.

on saturday we walked around for hours, bought B. some pants, lost the car, watched an entire season of 30rock, ate thai food, got drunk, went back to blackjack’s, met up with a bunch of friends, don’t remember the walk home, accidentally ordered a chicken poutine while trying to order A CHICKEN and A POUTINE at 4 in the morning, watched TMNT, and passed out.

on sunday morning we drove around aimlessly and found NOWHERE to eat. the car broke down twice, we ordered a litre o’milkshake and a litre o’cola.

the trip was a bit of a fail because i didn’t get my andrew wk tattoo (i need to go back in april), we wasted HOURS driving in circles, and we didn’t make it out to anywhere but blackjacks at 3am BOTH nights. but it was a fun trip none the less.

when i got home, i showered and went over to B.’s… we watched a bunch of movies and passed out. i didn’t sleep because i was up coughing all night, and then i counted the minutes til i had to get up and walk home to shower for work. B. has mondays off, so he gets to sleep in today. when my alarm went off, he rolled over and put his hand on my back while i was getting dressed. he does little things that totally make me swoon.


anyway, daylight savings time can totally eat the dicks.

wizard staffs, tattoos… and getting over my ex-boyfriend


where to begin? although completely devastated, i really feel like this may be for the best. the last few months with andy were spent laying in bed, waiting for him to come home. when i wasn’t busting my butt to make him dinner, wash his laundry, and clean the house… that’s just what i was doing: waiting.

other than m, andy is the only person in the world i ever let myself get wrapped into. in the end, i dismissed my own happiness to try and keep him around- to try and make him want to spend the few minutes or hours of spare time he had, with me. don’t get me wrong, andy is a smart, loving, wonderful man… he’s just not ready to stop being selfish enough to make a relationship work. my heart will always ache for him, and i’ve come to terms with that. but now it’s time to make up for lost time.

moving out of andy and i’s home means a few things:
1. save, save, save.
2. buy a car.
3. discover myself again.

but before i do these wonderful things, i’m giving myself a week to absolutely fuck life, on a pretty seriously large scale.

within the next week i’ll be doing the following:
tegan & sara show, party at quinn’s, drinking with gindaisy, lazy movie day, dinner with my brother, yoga x 2, look at houses, take some time off work, go to montreal, buy new bras and panties, get ridiculous tattoos, party at bip’s house for sip’s birthday (involving twister, wizard staffs, and 90’s wrestling), go dancing… etc.

ah, yes.

it’s business, it’s business TIIIME.


why did no one tell me that business conferences would knock me on my ass? we flew into toronto sunday night and got in around 9pm. then we headed to the bar so everyone could get hammered and pretend meeting each other wasn’t awkward at all. i finally got to bed around midnight or one… i slept like a baby and had a rough morning. i drank about 4 cups of coffee and didn’t even change my outfit once. sitting in on all this stuff really reminded me why the hell i never went to college or university. GOOD LORD.

anyway… it was long but it was great and informative. they sent us back to our rooms with homework (fuck my life- i have the memory of a shoe lace). and we just finished a great meal with everyone. i sat next to one of our company’s most important vice presidents. he’s fantastic! i feel very accomplished.

also, i think i basically have the flu because i almost barfed up my continental breakfast this morning and have been blowing snot into colleagues’ shirts when they’re not looking. also? my eyes keep swelling shut. i’m pretty sure the speakers think i’m winking at them. i’m bad at this “business” thing.

anyway, otherwise things are going smoothly!

although i really miss: