dressing myself WIN!

today’s outfit:
white low-cut shirt
black high-waisted bull denim skirt
black cardigan
black tights
gold flats
olive green scarf

much better than yesterday… i even got a few compliments already!


dressing myself fail

i have to cover up really well for work. and by really well, i mean from the neck down. i work in a business-casual environment for an information security company which basically means: don’t look like a douchebag or show any tattoos because important, potential clients pass through for tours on a regular basis.

i guess when i got certain parts (i.e. visible if not like, naked) of my body tattooed (chest, arm, both legs, both feet) i totally wasn’t thinking i’d stop being a dick (drinking every day, partying every night) any time soon. but this shit is forever! FOREVER! who-woulda-thunk-it? don’t get me wrong, i don’t necessarily regret getting tattooed, and i most certainly haven’t toned it down in the last 2.5 years since working here. but sometimes i see super cute girls in movies wearing 1940’s – 1950’s inspired work-appropriate outfits and i’m all SHIT. because i can’t! i can’t wear skirts or dresses(i do, but with black tights only… which leaves little options as to what skirts and dresses i can actually wear), i can’t wear cute flats or sandals (i do, but i get told OFTEN), i can’t wear pretty blouses unless i’m wearing a cardigan which USUALLY ruins it anyway. and i can’t wear anything that shows any of my chest. that includes regular button down shirts UNLESS buttoned to the neck, which only makes me look like round-faced. which is annoying. because i actually like to put effort into how i look for work.

but today, today above all days… was such an epic fail.

first off, my makeup EXPLODED all over the top of my dress and i had no time to change. so i soaked it and not all of it came out. i figured it would be okay because i have to wear a scarf to cover up my chest anyway…

then i noticed i have 2 runs in my tights.

and then i noticed i have 2 rips in the long cardigan i’m wearing (i haven’t worn it in a few months).

so i look like a frumpy jerk who can’t dress herself.

i set up two interviews tomorrow for a potential new rep, and then i have a business dinner to attend, so i want to feel REALLY good all day.

i did a whole bunch of laundry so hopefully i’ll find something AWESOME.

or cave and buy something new on the way home.

also, the first month of a new year is always BANANAS around here. luckily i have ginseng & honey green tea, and some pretty good tunes on repeat on my ipod (ani difranco, tegan & sara, and rilo kiley)