here’s a little recap on life:

dec 20th – dec 23rd:
had business conferences in toronto. met some VPs and the CEO of the company. worked 11 hour days and then partied with co-workers all night. ended the trip with a few too many tequila shots with my boss. learned a lot. made some new friends. pretty much RAN home to the lover.

dec 24th:
did some last minute booze runs and picked up some groceries for xmas partying. headed over to my parents’ house with andy, matty, my brother, and his fiancée. had a delicious meal, drank some awesome drinks, and opened some pretty amazing presents.

dec 25th:
went to gramma’s with andy. came home early because uncle dick was in town (finally got the picture of me firing the pistol after a blurry night of whiskey shots!) uncle dick, andy, matty and i went for pho in chinatown for christmas dinner.

dec 26th:
had some friends and family (both andy and i’s parents + uncle dick) over for a crazy feast. the bird must’ve been about 20lbs and it fed about 20 of us. it was a wild party and everyone had a great time. by far one of the best feast nights to date.

dec 27th:
went to my parents’ friend’s house because their daughter (my childhood friend) was in town from edmonton. she’s going to australia with her boyfriend for six months! so i had to see her before she left. good times were had!

dec 28th: my last day off. i didn’t get out of bed ALL DAY. other than to make food here and there and to putter around the house (cleaning up after that party is SUCH. A. LONG. PROCESS). being that lazy would have been better if i didn’t owe my cable company over $600 and still had access to tons of movies. wamp, wamp.

so i’m at work now.

i get off on thursday at 3pm, and have friday off so it’s not THAT bad.

i hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!



christmas shopping fail

holy crap.

on my lunch hour, i managed to spend $200 on the boyfriend and his brother at wal-mart. merry red-neck christmas, boys! i suck at bank accounts. i managed to spend all that money on stocking stuffers. STOCKING STUFFERS. granted, the boys have very expensive taste (even for wal-mart), so i got a lot of organic lotions and balms, burt’s bees products, rub A535 for their joints, shower gels, mixed nuts, protein bars, bailey’s chocolates, vitamin water, travel mugs, candy cane hot chocolate… and other things i can’t remember.

the boyfriend is also getting a gaming mouse and a valet tray for his desk, and his brother is getting leatherbound journals and a giftcard for a bookstore. i can’t remember half of the other things i’ve gotten them but i’m pretty happy with my purchases.

my brother is getting a travelling backpack and a cookbook with great recipes for people who have IBS (sorry for just telling the world that your insides are rotting).

we got my mum a beautiful wooden heart-shaped jewelry box, and we got pops the new star trek DVD and some guitar strings. we also got them $50 for their favourite italian restaurant.

i got my SIL a 1 year subscription to women’s health magazine, a work-out DVD called THE WEDDING BODY, and EA active for wii.

now, excuse me while i go cry in a corner and survive on cans of tuna for the week!

– e

in a winter funk

the men of the house have had two snow days due to the insane snow storms. they’ve been eating hot soup, playing video games, reorganizing the kitchen cupboards, doing groceries, lazing around in their undernothings… etc.

as for myself? today, my first bus came early (also i arrived a little late because i was too busy cuddling the cat who likes to sleep face first in the heater so he gets all warm and irresistible), and then my second bus came 20 minutes late… so i got to hang out in the freezing cold snow storm for thirty minutes. THEN i hear this awful screeching sound which, as it turns out, IS MY BUS. it went on with it’s route for about fiteen minutes before he realized the awful sound was the metal pipes that had come loose under the bus, and were scraping against the concrete. so everyone got off the bus and waited for another.

and as soon as i got into the office, i get a text from the boyfriend saying:


… it’d be nice to be a well-established foreman of my own company too, DARLING. but i have to force myself out of bed every morning to come work for satan, himself.

i’m half-joking. those boys work 12 hour days on a regular basis, so they definitely deserve the rest. but FRIG.

they’re also out getting our christmas tree right now. apparently, trees are $20 at IKEA right now, and you get a $20 giftcard back. i can live with that. we’ll be making all of our decorations this year too, so that’ll be a fun project.

december’s calendar, and then some

dec 3 – tattoo appointment to work on chest piece

dec 4 – buy tights for saturday’s outfit

dec 5 – go to the gym with laura, have colleagues over for jello shooters, work christmas party at grace o’malleys

dec 8 – christmas shopping with the sister in-law

dec 12 – dancing with gen for her birthday

dec 17 – tattoo appointment to work on chestpiece

dec 20 – a christmas carol play with the parents, the boyfriend, my brother, and his fiancée, go to the airport for 7pm and leave for work conference in toronto

dec 21, 22, 23 – toronto for work conference

dec 24 – come to work for half a day, then go to the parents’ with the boyfriend, my brother, and his fiancée for drinks, food, and presents!

dec 25 – TBD

dec 26 – shopping with the boyfriend

dec 27 – open house/wine & cheese @ chris & barry’s new house

the boyfriend and i have made some pretty big decisions as of late. he’s buying the house we’re currently renting so he can flip it and resell. i’ll be moving in with my parents (GASP!) for about a year (or less) so i can buy a car and save enough money for the downpayment on the house the boyfriend and i will be getting together.

this is huge… i moved out when i was seventeen and have lived in about 6 houses since then. at least my new roomies (hi mum & dad!) are really laid back, easy-going hippie-type. this doesn’t mean that adjusting will be easy.

also, not sleeping next to the boyfriend every night = so sad. who is going to wake me up in the middle of the night by ripping off all the blankets, moving constantly, kissing my back in his sleep, or farting ALL THE TIME.

granted, i’ll probably feel much more rested… but it’s going to be really hard to get used to. i’m so used to cooking big dinners for us during the week, or getting ready together in the mornings. i love waking up early on saturdays, watching cartoons, making breakfast and then running arrands together. i’m sure we’ll still do all of these things, but it’s still hard.


list of things to do with saved money:
buy a bike
buy a car
get my wisdom teeth removed
buy glasses & contacts for 2010
update little moose-man on all his shots
get a gym pass
go to cuba with the boyfriend in april

wtf, none of this shit is sinking in!


– e



i was sending emails back and forth with my brother’s fiancée… and i forwarded him something because it was important, but didn’t realize it not only listed out everything i wanted to buy him, but everything his fiancée wanted to buy him, which turns out was a total surprise because she got him a whole bunch of stuff to go backpacking in europe or something cool and he had no idea about it until i EMAILED HIM TO ACCIDENTALLY TELL HIM WHAT HE WAS GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS.

so at first he lied and was all “no baby, i didn’t see what you wrote” and then she asked him in person and he was all “HOLY SHIT MY SISTER IS STUPID AND I SAW EVERYTHING AND I UNDERSTAND IF THE WEDDING IS OFF BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO LEGALLY BE RELATED TO TEH STUPIDZ”, and now i feel like the worst sister-to-be ever and i totally understand if she sister-divorces me forever for being such a dumb bitch.

because holy fuck, i am such a dumb bitch.


i have to make it up to her by getting her something completely ridiculous, more ridiculous than the like, $200 amazing easel i wanted to get her until my brother decided he would get her that, and now i have no plans!


the boyfriend and i decided we would go totally hippie on everyone’s asses and get a real tree. then invite the feasters over to make hand-made decorations like a bunch of five year olds because i hate the stupid store-bought decorations anyway. we just need to figure out what the hell to put at the top of the tree that isn’t a dumb angel, or a typical star, or my suction cup dildo.

also, the boyfriend told me what he’s getting me because he wants me to pick it out. he is taking me to my favourite store (it always smells like incense) right beside that vegan restaurant, to buy me a ring.


because holy crap, he is the best boyfriend ever.

so even though i ruined christmas for everyone, i will have a giant, natural stone on my finger.