likes: naps, angry chick music, vintage, malt liquor, sarcasm, nag champa, red bull, vulgarity.

dislikes: cucumbers, dishonesty, dirty laundry, capital letters, long nails, not napping.

everyone has vices- i say fuck, a lot. i like to sleep in, and i’m a sucker for carbs. but i have a big heart, and i’m a nice girl… so drop me a line, and stick around if you like what you read!

contact: desperate.colours@gmail.com

– e

sometimes i use this space to write about my experiences surviving abuse at the hands of an ex-boyfriend. the entries are raw, real, un-edited, and sometimes painfully difficult to get through. his name has been censored for legal reasons. these posts are cathartic, and healing- this is my therapy. should you have an issue with them, kindly unfollow me or stop reading.

you can find those entries here.

read at your own discretion.

thank you.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your style. So glad I found a blogger I can actually related to, instead of tons of stories about diapers and daycare.

  2. On the way to my page. I fell upon yours. I too use my blog as a therapy for me. Because I needed an outlet. I later found out that ” single handedly” ruined her relationship with my blog… Sorry I’m not sorry. Any who. You’ve got a good thing going here. Glad you’re blogging.

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