call it quits, or get a grip

if it makes you less sad, i’ll take your pictures all down
every picture you paint, i will paint myself out
it’s cold as a tomb, and it’s dark in your room
when i sneak to your bed to pour salt in your wounds

– b.n.



13 thoughts on “call it quits, or get a grip

  1. AMEN SISTER!!!! You are a strong woman, and that’s right you can’t fix someone, it’s not YOUR job to. 🙂 We can get through this together!

  2. Atta girl! Carry your head high, always the best way forward. Women always grow up before men, in every stage of life, so be proud of yourself.

  3. The fact that this got stuck in my spam folder makes me really stabby, because this is fucking awesome. And I love every word of it. Light it up.

  4. i love your outlook babe ❤ you don't sit back and take shit, i love that about you!!! most women would sit there moaning WHYYYY and not even think about moving forward, but here you are! so strong ❤

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