re-posted from may 2010

when i was younger, i used to forget the most familiar things about you- the smallest details. and as i’ve grown i’ve realized that it’s only in getting older that i’ve been falling in love with everything about you that makes you, you…

like the way your lips curl when you’re paying attention to something important, or the way your hands smell. i love how black your eyes are and how honest your laugh sounds. i even appreciate your insecurity; your way of needing me the way you do. i memorize the way your hands lace with mine; your big rings versus my small fingers. i absolutely love how good your hugs are, and how big your heart beats inside of you.

i know when it gets late you worry where i am, or what i’m doing- and i can assure you that despite some of the terrible decisions i’ve made, the reason i have the strength to make it through these moments of weakness; of utter desperation, is because you raised me to have a good head on my shoulders, strong skin on my bones, and love in my heart to give.

i love you.

** happy mother’s day to all you lovely mamas i’m so proud to call my friends!


4 thoughts on “mama

  1. Gah! Tears. I heart you so much. You are awesome! And hereby honorary aunt to Ziggy. She needs a kick ass woman in her corner like you ❤
    I hope my kid loves me as much as you love your mom someday.

    • Little ziggy’s auntie?!?! Lucky me! That sweet little thang has the face of an angel!

      Happy mothers day you, miss! What you’re doing is amazing. I’m sure ziggy is as much in love with you as I am with my own mum.


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