valentines day

DISCLAIMER: i’m totally posting this against the little voice in my head screaming, “NO! don’t show the internet your wrinkles and rolls! you big, dumb idiot!” … but i told it to shut up, because it’s valentines day, and you totally deserve a piece of ass (and i just love all of you that much). and also, if you want to be a dillhole and tell me how gross i look, please do me a favour and send your hatemail to my email, or just shut your pie hole because even i deserve to feel hot for like, four seconds and it took me a ton of courage to actually post these. OH! and no stealing! DUH.

so! what did i do for valentines day? i broke into my boyfriend’s old house, got naked, and shotgunned a few beers in front of the camera.

all pictures by julie hope

did dan like it? ehhhh, not really. i knew it wasn’t his thing, and it’s not like he’s going to look at some pictures of me in my undernothings if he wants to get all hot and bothered… but it was totally a fun idea, and i must say that the lady behind the lens (a super good friend of mine/an old roommie) made all of my millions of insecurities disappear. it was a great experience and i totally had a hard-on for myself for the first time in years, even if it did only last, like, 5 minutes.

i hope your v-day was filled with blowjobs and hot makeouts and roses and chocolates!


– e


24 thoughts on “valentines day

  1. Omg so jealous! These are absolutely fcking gorgeous!! I might hire your friend to take maternity pics of me when I visit, and some of Nolan haha. Although I would love to do a naughty shoot too hehe. I’ll wait til I drop the weight šŸ˜¦

    • he was, and he wasn’t… i mean… he sees me naked every day so it was kind of like “thanks?”

      it’s fine, i’m in love with a robot.

      but every other dude in the world who knew i was doing this thought it was an amazing idea! definitely do it for your lover (as long as his insides don’t consist of complex wiring and battery acid for blood!)

      just kidding, dan is only HALF robot.

      • ahahaha, My Mr. is distinctively of the Robot persuasion as well. So I understand the “was and wasn’t” bit. But man, these are great, and will be awesome to look back on later in life’s adventures with sag. šŸ˜›

  2. Awesome pictures!

    And remember next time your not feeling so pretty, check the pictures and remind yourself YOU ARE HOT!


    • honey, please… i have one word for you: PHOTOSHOP. my thighs are a million times more dimpley than this in real life. hence why i’m joining bootcamp this april!

      and DO it for ivan! it’d be a totally fun pre-wedding nudy present. ow, ow!

    • hahaha, i officially love you? you totally just made my day!

      and to your above comment ^ TOTALLY. once i start having babies and sagging left right and centre, dan will TOTALLY wanna dig those pictures out from wherever he hides them. haha.

  3. You look beyond gorgeous! And I love how happy you look in the first picture.

    Personally, I’ve always wanted to do this: get all dolled up and take pictures. But it seems silly to do when there is no one but me to see them. Haha.

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