chelsea girls love skinhead boys!


i miss this so much


11 thoughts on “chelsea girls love skinhead boys!

    • absolutely not… the skinhead movement didn’t even start out involving racism, it’s the ignorant assholes who came later that ruined it for everyone. i can barely handle watching movies or commercials involving bullying, you think i could hate on other people just because they’re different? never.

      and again- i’m just stating how much i love skingirl haircuts, and how much i enjoyed mine when i had a different version of it. it’s just a style i’m keeping in mind because it’s easy and super cute.

      • Gotcha! Thanks 😀 And totally agree with you, hell the swastika was a symbol of good luck, then Hitler came along and now it’s associated with the Nazis 😦

  1. Instant death threat if you chop off all of your hair. But, sidenote, you can -actually- rock that f u. Haha ill love my elle whichever style she picks – go nuts!! And dark always suited you perfectly. Oui oui oui oui !

    • i’m totally doing it! try and stop me!

      i’m just gonna bring in a whole bunch of pictures of styles i like, and ask her to make a hybrid of it. then i’m gonna go buy $10 box dye and go dark again! i think a lot of people really like my hair dark! i’m probably going to go with chocolate brown though- i can’t bare going black again. i think. GOD, DECISIONS.

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