i need your help, internet

over the last year or so (since i’ve had this website) i’ve received a few awards from fellow blog friends, i’m honoured to say the lovely shauna glenn featured a post i’d written over at aiming low back in april this year. i see the daily stats, and i receive the comments and emails- but i’d like to know… what makes YOU come back for more?

different posts strike a different chord with each of you. i have fallen in love this website- i love the friends and acquaintances i’ve made, i adore my loyal readers, and i look forward to writing here as often as i can.

so much has happened in 2010- from my breakup (almost one year ago) with andy, to homelessness, to unemployment, to a few months of non-stop partying, to casual dating, to meaningingless fucking, and now… to an awesome relationship. i’ve quit a job, and hunted for a new one. i slept on couches, in my parents’ office, on the floor. i paid for moving trucks, expensive furniture, and more beer than i can imagine. i’ve gotten tattooed, dumped, and emotionally lost. i have run to and from m for comfort. i have talked about domestic violence, sex, abortion. i’ve laughed, i’ve cried, and i’ve hurt in ways i still have trouble expressing… and all of you have been here to read it, over and over. to witness it. to congratulate me when i succeed, and offer your kind words when i fall.

i have never held back on this website- and i’m not about to start now.

what posts do you like?
– 30 day blog challenge, posts about my past with m, weekly blackberry picture updates, mindless daily banter, party pictures, my tattoo tour, funny things my boyfriend says, happy posts, sad posts, funny posts…

what would you like to see more of? what would you like to see less of? what were some of your favourite posts? do you have any suggestions? are there subjects you’d like me to approach, or pictures you’d like to see?

please! tell me what you like, and i’d be glad to feature more of it for you.


8 thoughts on “i need your help, internet

  1. I like the funny posts (random conversations etc), tattoo stories, and the ones that make me feel like I get to know you a little better. Whether that’s happy or sad stories or current events – party pics are OK but I don’t come back for those, but anything that makes me feel like I know you a bit more will always keep me coming back šŸ™‚

  2. I love that you let it all out there. So it seems. I like that I have found so many similarities between us, I really do view you as an online friend! I would love it if you posted every day that’s how much of an addict I am! lol. I love that you reply to comments. I love a lot :/ lol. You’re awesome, keep up the great work! I love Shauna Glenn too, she’s great.

    • it breaks my heart that the things that hurt us most are the things that brought us together. but know that you will always have a friend in me. when you first emailed me to tell me what happened, i happened to be spending the night at my parents’ house and i went on and on about you, and me, and all the bullshit people have to put up with.

      i think about you lots, and i worry for your safety… i hope you’re doing well.



      ps- shauna is AWESOME.

  3. Everything you mentioned above? is the reason why I come back. I love that you put it all out there the good, the bad and the ugly. “i have never held back on this website- and iā€™m not about to start now.” thats what i love about your blog and thats why i will continue to look forward to your post.

    • i figured it was time to start being honest with myself- and once i had, i’d never felt more liberated. i’m glad my readers can appreciate that.

      thanks for the kind words krystal, you’re awesome!


  4. I love everything you write, because you write from your heart in the moment. Whatever is troubling you, exciting you, making you smile – you write it and I love it. I love your pictures, your silly banter, your happy posts, and your sad posts – I hate when you’re sad but your writing is always so beautiful.

    You are remarkable Elle, just keep being you….that’s enough for me ā¤ xoxo

    • have i mentioned recently that you’re one of my favourite humans in the entire world? you’re such a great friend. thanks for always having my back, and being as supportive as you are.

      ps- i’ll be mailing your package this weekend!


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