left & leaving

her: you changed your number, you move every few months- i don’t even know where your new house is! it’s like you’re trying to disappear.
me: exactly.

after months of indecision, he finally decided to pack his bags and move out of the city with his on-again, off-again girlfriend. i got the news last night. i had just poured my second glass of wine, and i was angrily describing my endeavours to fall off the map, when she interrupted me.

but… he’s gone, she said.

he’d apparently been changing his mind over and over (i’m not surprised), and finally he decided to leave. last i heard he was still working at the same shop, living in my neighbourhood. but he left. he’s over two hours away from my house, from me. he’s gone.

i can’t stop saying that.

he left
he moved
he no longer lives here

he’s gone.



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