no, i’ve never met anyone quite like you before

danny: well just so you know, i love you… and if it weren’t for you comforting me and cheering me up i’d be a very miserable prick and probably on the verge of a shitty depression- that means a lot to me. so thanks for being such a sweet heart to me, and always cheering me up.

me: same to you, dan. i love you so much

danny: now feel better you city bitch

other reasons i love receiving text messages from this man:

“how’s it going pretty head?”

“i called you for breakfast but you didn’t answer. why’d you leave me drowning in this sea of trouts?”

“yeah, i’mma fuck this chick”

“we gonna shot-gun tonight?”

“let’s take a bus to philadelphia and get cheese-steak sandwiches”

“why is it that booze is the only thing that never lets me down?”

“you can have my kid any day”

“i’m sorry i made fun of your gay facebook photo”

“make me dinner, bitch!”

“thanks for letting me sleep on your butt”

… if you want him, you can’t have him!


9 thoughts on “no, i’ve never met anyone quite like you before

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