my weekend, according to my blackberry

what a whirlwind!

biz, khala, dan and i decided to take a last minute trip to montreal on friday after work to see the no bunny show and hang out with some friends. we ran into a bunch of ottawa friends, i got to see some of my favourite people, and i REALLY enjoyed the no bunny set.

on saturday morning we drove home early, got mc donald’s breakfast, and i spent the day napping. that night the montrealers came over to my house to play drinking-cranium, have a dance party, and get totally silly. on sunday morning howie and i made a huge breakfast feast for all of us

when the montrealers left biz, andrew, zoe and i turned my living room into a giant bed, ate snacks, napped all day/night, and watched movies. it was GLORIOUS.

upside down snuggie

biz & i cuddling

moose and i cuddling

moose and zoe cuddling

…and not a creature was stirring, not even a zombie-demon-cat


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