my week, backwards (and then forwards again)

last night i didn’t want to interact with humans so moose and i took a four hour nap, ordered pizza, and watched law & order SVU. we cuddled for the most part but eventually he was all, YO, no scrubs. whatever, MOOSE.

my good friend dan got back from halifax last week- where his band had been playing shows. it sucks when he’s not around- he’s my partner in crime! i headed over there on tuesday night to make us dinner with khala. we had to run to the gas station to trade in the propane tank. i snapped this magestic picture of him when we got back.

this is the dinner we made

on monday i got to see the band living with lions… i also got to take myspace shots in bizkoti’s bathroom before we left

holy shit you guys! why am i so boring? insert some passion into my life, please.

no, but for reals… i feel really busy even though i’m not really doing much. i like how low-key everything’s been. i’ve mostly been keeping to myself, or having nice nights in (for the most part) with my closest friends. mike is also back from tour which is awesome! i’m still on meds so i plan to take it easy this weekend. on friday, i’m heading out to the west end to see my mum and her team for her relay for life, and i’m going to adam‘s show at midnight downtown. on saturday i have no clue… i might go to a few more shows or just hide out in my apartment alone. on sunday, me and stephen’s nerd-fest continues and i’m SUPER excited for it!

that’s it, babes.


11 thoughts on “my week, backwards (and then forwards again)

  1. why is your ring so awesome? 😦 I want one lmao!!!

    Your myspace pictures look amazing, as always, and your life is slightly more glamourous than mine. I got screamed at ALL DAY LONG today 🙂 ahh teething, it’s awesome. Not. DO YOUR OVARIES STILL ACHE?

    Because this kids screaming hits such a high note that it makes my ovaries shrival up and cry.


    • i have a bunch of big rings! i always need to be wearing one. that one’s my favourite 😉

      and YES! gimme your screaming baby!

      also: LOL @ your ovaries shrivelling up and crying.

  2. Oh babe you’re life is way more exciting than mine! I can actually go a couple weeks when the only time I go out the house is to do the food shopping once a week. I say a couple weeks, I actually did that for like 2 months once. Life is complicated with 2 kids and no sitters lol!

    Also I’m thinking I may kidnap you and steal your life!


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