oh, hey! i lived! …also, an award

the fabulous cottage getaway wasn’t nearly the relaxing, happy weekend i was hoping it would be- but some good times were had despite everything. the highlights were definitely the drinking games, the girliness, and the sunshine. also, my 3 hour nap, keanu reeves jokes, and cheap beer. i don’t normally hangout with chainsmokers and that DEFINITELY put a damper on the weekend- i have a huge cough, my lungs hurt, and i can’t swallow. GREAT! yeah, yeah i’m whiny… i don’t give a care. now i have to nurse this awful pain all week.

i hate everything!

anyway, this was the view i had saturday morning when i was drinking my bailey’s coffee on the deck:

this was saturday’s amazing dinner! that garlic bread was to die for…

gold bikinis & sunshine

amanda and i ❤

luc babysat moose all weekend and sent me this adorable picture to assure me that all was well at my homeland and the boy was being wonderful as always

in other awesome news, jess over at the bottle chronicles gave me an award!

here are this award’s rules:

• thank the person who gave you this award.
• share 7 things about yourself.
• pass this award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and who you think are fantastic!

thanks for the honour, sugar! jess has a gorgeous baby boy, a super fun blog, and an intense love for milkshakes! 😉 head on over to check her out and share the love.

seven things about me:
1. i have a phobia of cucumbers
2. my favourite colour is gold
3. i love sleeping alone
4. i can’t peel oranges
5. i’m allergic to cats
6. i love to cook, clean, and do laundry
7. (i hate to admit that) i’m an elitest when it comes to the tattoo industry

fifteen bloggers i’m addicted to:
brittany @ barefoot foodie
erika @ be gay about it
bhj @ the bhj.com
emma @ divorced before 30
emily @ emily jane
emily @ emmie bee.com
beckey @ hippo brigade
kristi @ kristi maristi
nick @ macheesmo
coco @ mommyhood & life
nic @ my bottles up
emily @ poppy milk face
sarah @ silly grrl
carrie @ the sweetest
jen @ the trephine

thanks again, jess!


– e


7 thoughts on “oh, hey! i lived! …also, an award

  1. sounds like a lovely vacation! I need one, so badly. Once this effing knee heals I’m off to the property to camp with my boys!!!

    And no problem; thank YOU for cracking me up. And making me want to get inked again…sigh. too broke though :0(

      • glad i can make you laugh! i always hope people can understand my sarcarm and see that i’m not a total dillhole ALL the time.

        and yeah- having the moomers around is tough but it forces me to vacuum, mop, and dust often. otherwise my eyes swell shut. i’m mostly immune to him but sometimes i blow raspberries on his little tummy or or he falls asleep on my chest and my eyes get really itchy 😦

        and yes! smokers can diaf (die in a fire).



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