why i love the internets

because nic sends the sweetest house-warming packages, EVER!

i haven’t had the time (or patience) for a good book lately, and it’s totally been bumming me out. i can’t wait to park my butt on the couch with curlers in my hair, moose the cat at my feet, and tea in my hand… so i can get started on the book she sent me.

you are all sorts of awesome!

much love,


– e


9 thoughts on “why i love the internets

  1. well shit, if i knew it would only take a used book to make your day and make me “all sorts of awesome”…. :)~

    enjoy! the main character is badass… reminds me of someone else i “know.”


    • hahaha!

      dude… used books, personalized notes, the fact that you read a book and thought i’d like it enough to actually mail it to me… you’re a total sweetheart.

      and i’m pretty excited- i read the back!


  2. This is so sweet!

    What’s the book called?

    I’m making this a summer for reading as well!! Too many books have yet to be discovered – tell me how you like it, I might go ahead and pick up a copy myself!

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