random pictures found on my blackberry

… remember that time:

moose the cat snuggled up to me before bed last night

i was a 50’s housewife…

i found a mystery mattress in the street

i got a blister the size of a toonie on my heel? barf!

i got toothpaste tit before work

howie ate too much

i was a paper bag malt liquor princess

i wore my first summer dress of the season

i was terrified of double-riding with adam

i shotgunned pbrs on katie’s porch in the rain

khala made an amazing pie

i stuck my hand down khala’s shirt

i bought $30 high tops from montreal and then walked in the rain


8 thoughts on “random pictures found on my blackberry

  1. Ok you are so insanely beautiful that I’m jealous lmfao. I hope that doesn’t sound stalkerish, promise I’m not outside your window right now haha! but really? you’re gorgeous! I LOVE YOUR HAIR AND YOUR DRESS AND YOUR SHOES.
    I just want to BE you ahha!

    Just kidding, cause that’d be creepy and then you’d be like “um, never talking to you again..FREAK” and I don’t want THAT!

    ALTHOUGH, I would totally die to have a chestpiece as awesome as yours. But you have to have good boobs to rock a chestpiece, and I only have good boobs while breastfeeding SOOOO,..hmm.

    p.s do you have twitter? You should. get it!

    • hahaha. you’re cute!

      thanks for all the compliments, you’re such a sweetheart. and i’m glad you like my chestpiece. i was sick of seeing the same ol’ crap on everyone’s boobs, so i came up with mine myself. it’s not 100% what i want it to be because the first artist screwed it up/me over, but the second artist did an amazing job at salvaging what he could, and adding the pieces i was missing.

      also, PSSSHH! i’m sure your boobs are great, and either way mamas are hot.

      and no! i do not! i might eventually cave but i’m not really into it at the moment. i’ll let you know if i do though 😉

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