it’s my party and i’ll get blackout if i wanna, get blackout if i wanna

it’s my birthday tomorrow!

my brother, his fiancée and i all have the same birthday. last night we all went to my parents’ place for an amazing turkey dinner (complete with stuffing, veggies, and cheese & kale potatoes). they got us a chocolate brownie ice cream cake, and we watched the finale of survivor!

my parents got me an alarm clock/ipod dock, and $50 for the herb & spice. and my brother and jo got me really cute spice racks with all the spices i’ll need!

tomorrow i’m heading over to adam’s with some friends for a bbq, and on saturday i’m having a birthday party. hopefully this year’s party will involve less theft and pictures of dicks on my phone, and more living room dance parties + tshirts with my face on them.

some of the montrealers will be in town, so it’s bound to be a fun night!

also, my friend casey’s band is staying at my place on friday after a show they’re playing here. this can only mean three things:
1. airplanes!
2. the gauntlet/porn
3. grown men in their underwear

i can’t wait for this entire week!


12 thoughts on “it’s my party and i’ll get blackout if i wanna, get blackout if i wanna

  1. LOL “hopefully this year’s party will involve less theft and pictures of dicks on my phone” 🙂

    I remembered as soon as I got up this morning and I thought “Crap! Tattoo tomorrow! But it’s Elle’s birthday!” 😀 This sounds like it’s going to be a WONDERFUL week!

    • aw! you remembered 🙂 you’re such a sweetheart.

      i was thinking about you, your back, and your tattoo appt and i cringe just thinking about it, but you’re a tough little lady and i hope you sit through it alright 🙂

      also, have you thought of topical numbing cream? i have friends who’ve had a hard time sitting through tattoos or have had some really sensitive areas tattooed and they’ve used EMLA topical numbing cream. i’m not sure that they’d have that specific brand in winnipeg but you should check out your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist if they have any topical numbing creams.

      you basically rub it on the area you’re going to have tattooed, let it sit for awhile, and wipe it off. do it immediately before going to your appt. it won’t numb it completely, but it should definitely help with some of the pain.

      good luck!

      //end novel

      – e


  2. Happy belated Birthday, darlin’. Know that I consider my own birthday, yes, even at 40, to be a weeklong celebration, and I advise anyone I know to do the same.

    *cake* *candles* *much love*

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