i know you’re all dying to get a peek into the new place- but i’m sans computer or internet right now, so you’ll have to bare with these blackberry shots!

a corner of my bedroom…

andrew and stef, totally exhausted from the move

$300 later…

first feast with the gang!

last night, watching intervention at luc’s house, dead to the world


5 thoughts on “finally!

  1. I like the paint colors. Careful with the scarf on the lamp, cute but FIRE HAZARD ( I speak from experience). Holy Shit on the groceries!!! I hate spending the money, but the feeling of having a full fridge is GREAT. Hoping it feels more like home soon 🙂

    • thank you!

      i’ve had the scarf on the lamp for years, and luckily the bulb is closer to the base of the shade than it is to the top! yeah i love having a fridge full of food- especially because i love making dinner for friends.

      thanks 😉

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