the weekend!

this weekend, i went to montreal with bizKoti, khala, zoe, B., and tristan…

friday night we hung around with khala while she got tattooed- we got to play with two cute dogs, and drink wine. there was a bit of a plan mix up which left B., tristan and i stuck in the cold for an hour or two… so we stood on the side walk, listened to limp bizkit (ha! i’m twelve!), and drank beer. the beautiful thing about montreal is being able to get absolutely shitfaced on a sidewalk. eventually bizKoti and hans showed up and we headed back to hans’ to drink more and go to blackjack’s. we made it by 3am at last call and bought 3 pitchers before heading back home.

on saturday we walked around for hours, bought B. some pants, lost the car, watched an entire season of 30rock, ate thai food, got drunk, went back to blackjack’s, met up with a bunch of friends, don’t remember the walk home, accidentally ordered a chicken poutine while trying to order A CHICKEN and A POUTINE at 4 in the morning, watched TMNT, and passed out.

on sunday morning we drove around aimlessly and found NOWHERE to eat. the car broke down twice, we ordered a litre o’milkshake and a litre o’cola.

the trip was a bit of a fail because i didn’t get my andrew wk tattoo (i need to go back in april), we wasted HOURS driving in circles, and we didn’t make it out to anywhere but blackjacks at 3am BOTH nights. but it was a fun trip none the less.

when i got home, i showered and went over to B.’s… we watched a bunch of movies and passed out. i didn’t sleep because i was up coughing all night, and then i counted the minutes til i had to get up and walk home to shower for work. B. has mondays off, so he gets to sleep in today. when my alarm went off, he rolled over and put his hand on my back while i was getting dressed. he does little things that totally make me swoon.


anyway, daylight savings time can totally eat the dicks.


6 thoughts on “the weekend!

  1. That sucks that you couldn’t find anything to eat in Montreal because they actually do have a lot of great food there!

    • oh no! i know there’s tons of great food… i actually got aux vives the night we got there. i just meant that i was either drunk or sleeping, so the obvious go-to was poutine. plus montreal has AMAZING poutine!

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