when all else fails, rambo knows best

A says:
remember too, some people struggle so bad, and have no family to turn. so you’re lucky

A says:
in the end, they are the ones you can rely on!

elle says:

A says:
just watch rambo: first blood. puts everything into perspective

… truer words have never been spoken

We would look for endless ways of soothing and supporting ourselves, in the same way that you would anyone that you love. When you see a little child teetering, learning to walk, not in balance, falling over, you don’t say, “Get up, you little dummy!” You say, “Good for you! I love seeing that! I love the progress that you are living!” All that we are asking is that you shine that same light of love and respect on yourself and that you give yourself more of a break.
– Abraham-Hicks


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