“standing in the living room in my UNDERWEAR and i’m SIIIINGING”

i’m so stoked on everything right now.

these last few days have been absolutely amazing. they’ve been nothing short of a whirl-wind but what else is new? i’ve been spending most of my time at khala and bizKoti’s- eating fancy dinners, watching movies in our undernothings, and partying with our friends. i haven’t been home in roughly four days and things have just been so exciting.

i’ve been spending lots of time with R. and i like where things seem to be going. he’s a busy man with work (oh hi- haven’t i learned anything yet?), and he has a few bad habits that have me a little worried, but sigh. he tells me i’m beautiful and he rubs my back when i sleep.

one step at a time.

i’m getting some final work done on my chestpiece on thursday and i took friday off to help ashley and julie with a bakesale. saturday night a big group of ladies is heading off to a snooty bar for julie’s fundraiser. this means glamour, dresses, boob shirts, and gin. on sunday i’ll likely go to winterlude with some family friends (i’ve missed them SO MUCH!) and then wallow in self pity in the tub with a bottle of wine, or something. the montrealers will be in town that night though, so things should be REALLY GOOD.

a part of me feels so stuck, but another part is just trying to enjoy the ride.


2 thoughts on ““standing in the living room in my UNDERWEAR and i’m SIIIINGING”

    • thanks lady!

      an old friend started it over a year ago but i am never letting him tattoo me again EVER. so R. has been fixing/adding to it.

      it’s an anatomical heart in the centre, and then a shark wearing a bow-tie and a monicle pulling at it from one side, and a squid with a top hat and a cigar pulling at it from the other. it will say “good hurt” somewhere, too.

      as in, every pain the heart feels is a good hurt because you learn from it.

      only i added humour to it so people don’t actually know i have feelings? hahaha.

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