fuck life: an update

so remember how i mentioned fucking life on a seriously large scale for about a week or two before buckling down and figuring my shit out?

well fuck-life-weekend part 1 was a major success. i even woke up on sunday without a voice from drinking so much. kevin returned to his house sunday night and found holes in the walls, blood everywhere, graffiti on the floors, and a strobe light still on.

what. the. fuck?!

i managed to lose some money, eat pho and catch up with some close friends. i saw tegan & sara, went to a party, took some photos and cheated on my diet with a big mac. i woke up with bruises i can’t explain and small cuts everywhere. EPIC. i know i’m being reckless and unhealthy, but i need to get this shit out of my system.

tomorrow i’m going to the gym
wednesday i have yoga
and thursday night i leave for montreal til sunday

for what it’s worth, i miss andy so much. not the relationship, necessarily. but his presence in general. i lost my best friend, you know? i’m being tough though… so i should come out of this alive.

…if i can make it through next weekend!


2 thoughts on “fuck life: an update

  1. ❤ Love love. Fucking life is just a stage in getting yourself back. You're a tough cookie and you'll come out stronger (as always) in the end.

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