wizard staffs, tattoos… and getting over my ex-boyfriend


where to begin? although completely devastated, i really feel like this may be for the best. the last few months with andy were spent laying in bed, waiting for him to come home. when i wasn’t busting my butt to make him dinner, wash his laundry, and clean the house… that’s just what i was doing: waiting.

other than m, andy is the only person in the world i ever let myself get wrapped into. in the end, i dismissed my own happiness to try and keep him around- to try and make him want to spend the few minutes or hours of spare time he had, with me. don’t get me wrong, andy is a smart, loving, wonderful man… he’s just not ready to stop being selfish enough to make a relationship work. my heart will always ache for him, and i’ve come to terms with that. but now it’s time to make up for lost time.

moving out of andy and i’s home means a few things:
1. save, save, save.
2. buy a car.
3. discover myself again.

but before i do these wonderful things, i’m giving myself a week to absolutely fuck life, on a pretty seriously large scale.

within the next week i’ll be doing the following:
tegan & sara show, party at quinn’s, drinking with gindaisy, lazy movie day, dinner with my brother, yoga x 2, look at houses, take some time off work, go to montreal, buy new bras and panties, get ridiculous tattoos, party at bip’s house for sip’s birthday (involving twister, wizard staffs, and 90’s wrestling), go dancing… etc.

ah, yes.


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