it runs in the family… get it? runs?

the brother: It’ll be a good night. I plan on trying all 100 types of beer lol. Actually, that may cause death.

me: hahaha… I always say that, but then I go through the beer bible* and the waitress shows up and I get nervous so I just yell out the first thing that comes to mind which is usually “STRONGBOW” and then it’s awkward. for everybody.

the brother: seriously though… Strongbow? Nasty. Beer urine.

me: no it’s basically apple juice that gets you drunk. it’s like being a baby, but with better benefits.

the brother: hahaha, they should put that as their slogan.

me: yeah that, or “bring a diaper!”. but seriously, I think I have IBS.

the brother: Merry Christmas!!!

me: you would!

the brother: no, I did

me: crap.

the brother: literally.

* this is a real thing! the pub next to my house has a BEER BIBLE!


2 thoughts on “it runs in the family… get it? runs?

  1. That’s AMAZING!! There’s a little gastro-pub down the street from us which has a beer “world tour” complete with maps 🙂

    As soon as I opened this post the title made me laugh 🙂

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