i’m jumping back on the skinny wagon, folks.

over the summer i was eating 30g(to 40g) of fat per day (or less) and was losing a pretty decent amount of weight. it was slow, but it was simple enough and i still got to eat everything i wanted in moderation.

i don’t “do” resolutions because i can never stick to them. but i do want to feel sexy again and fit into ALL my clothes. i just want to FEEL better.

i’m having under 5g of fat for breakfast (banana, yogurt & granola)
about 10-15g for lunch (sandwich, carrots, hummus, 2 cookies)
which leaves me about 10-15g to play with for dinner.


it’s not strict, and i don’t limit myself if i’m hungry. plus, it’s good to give into certain cravings here and there, otherwise i’ll just throw in the towel and start binging. yuck. if i eat very well for 2 weeks, i can let myself have a slice or two of pizza. you know? MODERATION, PEOPLE.


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