here’s a little recap on life:

dec 20th – dec 23rd:
had business conferences in toronto. met some VPs and the CEO of the company. worked 11 hour days and then partied with co-workers all night. ended the trip with a few too many tequila shots with my boss. learned a lot. made some new friends. pretty much RAN home to the lover.

dec 24th:
did some last minute booze runs and picked up some groceries for xmas partying. headed over to my parents’ house with andy, matty, my brother, and his fiancée. had a delicious meal, drank some awesome drinks, and opened some pretty amazing presents.

dec 25th:
went to gramma’s with andy. came home early because uncle dick was in town (finally got the picture of me firing the pistol after a blurry night of whiskey shots!) uncle dick, andy, matty and i went for pho in chinatown for christmas dinner.

dec 26th:
had some friends and family (both andy and i’s parents + uncle dick) over for a crazy feast. the bird must’ve been about 20lbs and it fed about 20 of us. it was a wild party and everyone had a great time. by far one of the best feast nights to date.

dec 27th:
went to my parents’ friend’s house because their daughter (my childhood friend) was in town from edmonton. she’s going to australia with her boyfriend for six months! so i had to see her before she left. good times were had!

dec 28th: my last day off. i didn’t get out of bed ALL DAY. other than to make food here and there and to putter around the house (cleaning up after that party is SUCH. A. LONG. PROCESS). being that lazy would have been better if i didn’t owe my cable company over $600 and still had access to tons of movies. wamp, wamp.

so i’m at work now.

i get off on thursday at 3pm, and have friday off so it’s not THAT bad.

i hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!



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