it’s business, it’s business TIIIME.


why did no one tell me that business conferences would knock me on my ass? we flew into toronto sunday night and got in around 9pm. then we headed to the bar so everyone could get hammered and pretend meeting each other wasn’t awkward at all. i finally got to bed around midnight or one… i slept like a baby and had a rough morning. i drank about 4 cups of coffee and didn’t even change my outfit once. sitting in on all this stuff really reminded me why the hell i never went to college or university. GOOD LORD.

anyway… it was long but it was great and informative. they sent us back to our rooms with homework (fuck my life- i have the memory of a shoe lace). and we just finished a great meal with everyone. i sat next to one of our company’s most important vice presidents. he’s fantastic! i feel very accomplished.

also, i think i basically have the flu because i almost barfed up my continental breakfast this morning and have been blowing snot into colleagues’ shirts when they’re not looking. also? my eyes keep swelling shut. i’m pretty sure the speakers think i’m winking at them. i’m bad at this “business” thing.

anyway, otherwise things are going smoothly!

although i really miss:


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