mum & pop

my parents met when they were about sixteen, moved in together when they were seventeen, married by twenty-two, had my brother when they were twenty-four, and had me at twenty-seven.  they have laughed together, cried together, struggled together… and loved each other harder and better every day despite everything. they had a tough life, and hid that VERY well from my brother and i. sometimes they struggled to pay rent, or groceries, or any of their bills… but my god, they loved us. they took care of us, tucked us in at night, read us stories, played with us, took us everywhere they went, showed us new things, made us appreciate others, and taught me to be who i am today. my brother is a very successful man, marrying a wonderful woman. he is kind, gentle, thoughtful- a real prince. he learned to be this way because of my father. i am so lucky to have the father i do… he would (and has) done everything in his power to be my superman. he protected me where he could and taught me to love, unconditionally. my mother is a soft-spoken, silly, beautiful woman. she has taught me patience- to never give up. when i had stayed in an unhealthy and abusive relationship and most had given up on me, my mother was at the other end of the line- crying, begging me to run, to never look back. “come home”, she would say.  

i am luckier than most… i have a wonderful family who loves and understands me. who stands by me regardless of my mistakes, of my downfalls. when i was young and foolish, i never appreciated their strength. i am so blessed to have them. i am so incredibly lucky to have parents who still, to this day (after all this time), love each other so completely. who love my brother and i unconditionally. who love everyone they meet: our friends, their families… and anyone they come across along the way.


meet mum & pop


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