christmas shopping fail

holy crap.

on my lunch hour, i managed to spend $200 on the boyfriend and his brother at wal-mart. merry red-neck christmas, boys! i suck at bank accounts. i managed to spend all that money on stocking stuffers. STOCKING STUFFERS. granted, the boys have very expensive taste (even for wal-mart), so i got a lot of organic lotions and balms, burt’s bees products, rub A535 for their joints, shower gels, mixed nuts, protein bars, bailey’s chocolates, vitamin water, travel mugs, candy cane hot chocolate… and other things i can’t remember.

the boyfriend is also getting a gaming mouse and a valet tray for his desk, and his brother is getting leatherbound journals and a giftcard for a bookstore. i can’t remember half of the other things i’ve gotten them but i’m pretty happy with my purchases.

my brother is getting a travelling backpack and a cookbook with great recipes for people who have IBS (sorry for just telling the world that your insides are rotting).

we got my mum a beautiful wooden heart-shaped jewelry box, and we got pops the new star trek DVD and some guitar strings. we also got them $50 for their favourite italian restaurant.

i got my SIL a 1 year subscription to women’s health magazine, a work-out DVD called THE WEDDING BODY, and EA active for wii.

now, excuse me while i go cry in a corner and survive on cans of tuna for the week!

– e


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