in a winter funk

the men of the house have had two snow days due to the insane snow storms. they’ve been eating hot soup, playing video games, reorganizing the kitchen cupboards, doing groceries, lazing around in their undernothings… etc.

as for myself? today, my first bus came early (also i arrived a little late because i was too busy cuddling the cat who likes to sleep face first in the heater so he gets all warm and irresistible), and then my second bus came 20 minutes late… so i got to hang out in the freezing cold snow storm for thirty minutes. THEN i hear this awful screeching sound which, as it turns out, IS MY BUS. it went on with it’s route for about fiteen minutes before he realized the awful sound was the metal pipes that had come loose under the bus, and were scraping against the concrete. so everyone got off the bus and waited for another.

and as soon as i got into the office, i get a text from the boyfriend saying:


… it’d be nice to be a well-established foreman of my own company too, DARLING. but i have to force myself out of bed every morning to come work for satan, himself.

i’m half-joking. those boys work 12 hour days on a regular basis, so they definitely deserve the rest. but FRIG.

they’re also out getting our christmas tree right now. apparently, trees are $20 at IKEA right now, and you get a $20 giftcard back. i can live with that. we’ll be making all of our decorations this year too, so that’ll be a fun project.


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