porksgiving 2009

this weekend, a few of the feasters went down to the good ol’ u.s of a for a tradition the men of the house call PORKSGIVING.

it’s more or less thanksgiving, with a pork roast instead of turkey, spent at uncle dick’s cabin in russell, NY. the boyfriend and i haven’t been together all that long, so this was my first year. my excuse to how obliterated i got was that, this… THIS was my right of passage into their family.

oh god, what a night.

within 24 hours, i did the following:

played a few games of cards
drank a lot of wine
drank a few gin & tonics
ate a huge and delicious pork feast
apparently took up to 8 shots of whiskey with uncle dick
blacked out
danced to hank williams
with a cane
and rave-like dance moves
with the boyfriend’s brother
and uncle dick
woke up in my bra
with writing all over my body
ate chips for breakfast
fired a pistol across the lake
while wearing a wife beater
took a nap
woke up feeling worse
started driving home
definitely made laura pull over so i could road-side barf
made the boyfriend proud
got barf on my uggs
got back in the car
ate a breakfast sandwich and a coolada
felt infinitely better

so anyway, when we got home the boyfriend went snowboarding for a bit, so i showered and crawled into bed with the cat. when the boyfriend got home we watched funny videos, rented a movie, and ordered pizza and salad (devoured in bed).

after every weekend i say to myself “it can’t get any better than this”, but then i go and do things like fire a gun off a balcony, AND get wild with uncle dick. who happens to have one foot.

i love my life.


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