the one in which i act like a six-year-old.

lately it seems all i do is eat, sleep, and work.

oh hi, where has my life gone?!

this weekend the boyfriend, some friends, and i are heading to upstate NY for porksgiving and downtime in a small cabin. i’m looking forward to heavy amounts of alcohol, and some much needed feast club bonding (without the other bodies that are usually around for parties- bless their hearts)

i’m just in a bit of a funk lately and there seems to always be a handful of people around that i really wish would just keep to themselves for ONENIGHTOHMAHGAH. i’m seriously rethinking certain friendships considering peoples’ brand new personalities (rubbing off from their brand new jobs and brand new friends, and brand new douche baggery).

i don’t necessarily appreciate
a. being made fun of
b. being patronized
c. being yelled at

by undeserving, underworked, spoiled KIDS who don’t know their left foot from their right when it comes to LIFE’s real issues.

oh cool! rage!

so there.

tonight’s plan: seafood dinner date with gwen
tomorrow’s plan: weight class & yoga with laura and joey
friday – sunday’s plan: porksgiving


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