i haven’t had a blog in awhile… i’m lacking on the updates!

on the boyfriend front:
things are going as well as they could be, all things considered

on the book front:
sloooooooow process!

on the halloween front:
holy cow! what an awesome party (from what i can remember). clean-up lasted two days, and none of the paintings are back up on the wall yet. as for halloween day? i stayed in bed til about 9pm, when the boyfriend took me out for ice cream. aaaand then i promptly crawled back into bed upon my return.

on the doing-things-for-myself front:
friday i get (hopefully) the rest of the outline done on my chest piece, and then i return home for feast club fridays (pizza night!). saturday/sunday i’ll be going to toronto for wedding dress shopping with laura. hers, not mine!

on the money front:

that’s all for now… pictures to come!

– elle


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